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Cosmic Sisters CIRCLE

Connect. Share. Learn. Evolve. Create.

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What is Cosmic Sisters Circle?

Welcome sister, goddess, high priestess, galactic queen! My name is Montoya Miller and I'm so blessed and honored to invite you to join Cosmic Sisters Circle.

In my experience, very few things have been as powerful, supportive, and expansive as true, authentic sisterhood. There is something absolutely magical about feeling understood, seen, and held by women who share similar values, dreams, and visions for our planet.

Cosmic Sisters Circle is a monthly virtual circle via Zoom (maybe we will meet face to face one day too!) that is a safe space to connect, learn, share, evolve, and create magic together.

While the circles will be facilitated by me, YOU and your magic/energy is a crucial part of it. For this reason, I ask that you please put your ego aside while in the sacred circle and commit to showing up in your full authenticity and with an open mind.

Cosmic Sisters Circle values unity and this does not mean we all have to have the same beliefs, think the same thoughts, and desire the same things. It DOES mean we allow each other to fully embody our own unique expression without judgment, as long as this is not causing harm to yourself or others.

Each monthly circle will be different and intuitively guided, however you can expect free flowing conversations about current energies we are experiencing, journaling, meditations, breathwork, dancing, intention setting, and other activities that will allow us to peel back the layers and create magic together.

Ultimately, Cosmic Sisters Circle is for you if you want to join a sisterhood that is committed to their own personal evolution and spiritual ascension and bringing this together in community in order to impact the collective and create heaven on earth.

Who is Cosmic Sisters Circle for?

Cosmic Sisters Circle is a safe, inclusive space for anyone who identifies as a feminine being - whatever that means to you. This circle is not so much about physical sex or gender identifications, but rather the energy that you resonate most with.

If you have any questions please reach out to me below.

I am so honored to connect with you and look forward to the magic we will create in Cosmic Sisters Circle.

So much love,


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